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ORCA: One Company’s Journey to Revolutionize the Food Waste Management System


Food waste is a real problem—a very expensive real global problem.

How do you get rid of food waste? Most businesses just toss it in the dumpster with everything else. Every year, about a third of the world’s food is sent to waste. In the Philippines, an estimated 2,175 tons of food scraps are thrown in the garbage every day.

Food waste is the least recycled waste globally and makes up for most of the waste in our landfills—which in turn pollutes our air, land, and water. Food that decomposes in landfills releases an unhealthy amount of methane—a greenhouse gas at least 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide unless collected and reused.

And not to mention all those garbage trucks that congest the roads and contribute to global warming.

On-Site Treatment?

Ever since time immemorial, the solution for food waste treatment was to take food wastes off-site—the default food waste solution.

And why not treat it on-site? Sure there are some options—like in-vessel composting or other common anaerobic digestion solutions—but most everyone has limited to no options at all, just by virtue of residing in the city.

And for businesses that produce a lot of food waste, maintaining a compost bin or implementing available on-site solutions is out of the question—resulting in a waste of time, money, and resources. Conventional logic dictates that there are no better options than just taking it off-site.

Every Garbage Truck Off the Road

The traditional waste management system involves transporting food wastes from our homes and restaurants via fuel-guzzling garbage trucks to be dumped to decompose in landfills, where if not recycled or reused, produce harmful methane—a system that is wasteful, inefficient, environmentally harmful, and arguably unnecessary.

The global waste management system is bad as it stands. However, there have been several incremental improvements to minimize the effect of garbage trucks on our roads—fuel-efficient trucks, trucks that run renewable energy, and even software that improves the routing patterns to shorten drive time of these garbage trucks. 

The team behind ORCA recognized this and thought that while the developments for this system are applaudable, even these aren’t enough. Maybe it’s time to take even the garbage truck out of the system—to revolutionize the system.

And that’s what exactly created ORCA’s vision: To take every garbage truck off the road.

Introducing ORCA

ORCA took this as a challenge to defy the default and proved itself as a product that just simply works. What bore was a solution that fit so perfectly to most restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that was the perfect fit to their kitchens and checks all of their boxes.

Meaningful cost reductions? Check. Environmentally-friendly? Check. Reduces waste? Check. Easy? Check. It’s good for the environment—and good for the bottom line.

Nevermind the costly and environmentally dangerous truck hauling system. ORCA presents itself as a hyperlocal, distributed alternative to the traditional truck and bin collection system.

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to use the ORCA.

  1. You chuck the food waste in the machine.

That’s literally it. 

How it works is that once the food waste is added in the machine, ORCA’s all-natural microorganism solution breaks the food waste down to a finite level that food becomes liquid and can only exit the machine to the sewer through a fine mesh screen—just like the human digestion process!

And all of that in just 24 hours—faster than composting. (Well in most cases.)

One Step At A Time

Of course, the world will still continue using the ol’ traditional way of food waste disposal. But with ORCA making splashes all over the globe at your local hotels and restaurants, they are making strides in their journey to fulfill their vision “to take every garbage truck off the road” and revolutionize the food waste management system—one step at a time.


Ready to join the ORCA family? If getting rid of food wastes has been a real problem for you and you want to help out the environment, then get started and see why the ORCA is a good fit for you.

After that, all you have to concern yourself with is just feeding the ORCA.

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